Good Footprint

Writing the next application

GOOD FOODPRINT is the name of the project that we have been writing in recent weeks the ambition is to use arts and participation to raise awareness among young people about urgent issues like the relation between the food we eat and our environmental footprint.It was submitted under the extra Erasmus+ funding for art and culture that recently became available because of the Covid pandemic.

chrysalis & the butterfly

Organise an autobiographical activity within the prisons to promote and encourage the reconsideration of the past and the planning of the future “beyond the bars”.

– Creating a space for reflection on specific topics to allow prisoners to redefine their lives during and after their experience in prison; – Strengthening the identity and the self-esteem; – Encouraging and motivating prisoners to describe their personal experiences and to communicate – even within a European context – the difficulties of living in prisons; 
– Comparing the outcome with similar experiences of other European prisons; – Presenting their work to the regional networks operating within the prisons