About C&C

C&C is a network organization of institutions and freelancers realizing professional educational programmes with the arts for the underprivileged and people who have been, or threaten to become in contact with Justice and criminal law.

C&C looks after the interests of all those in the Netherlands who are professionally dealing with prevention, detention and rehabilitation.

C&C is contact point for authorities, politics, education, business and organizations dealing with prevention, detention and rehabilitation

C&C aims at and contributes to a structural and integrated policy and budget for education with the arts in rehabilitation programmes in all institutions dealing with Justice and criminal law and the preventing of criminal behaviour and recidivism

C&C aims at the highest possible level of schooling, development of skills and the creation of chances on the labour market for the underprivileged as well as for artists

C&C provides quality control and research on an international level

C&C initiates and gives guidance to research assignments

C&C maintains cross-sectoral relationships with universities and experts

C&C is the Dutch coordinator for the SEPE certificate, a European-wide recognized (EQF) certificate for employability skills (Edexcel Centre, Pearson)

C&C stimulates development and innovation in an international context

C&C is involved in or initiates pilot projects

C&C stimulates and develops schooling

C&C is involved in European projects

C&C organizes symposia

C&C knowledge bank concerning financing and subsidy opportunities

C&C develops an informative website

C&C keeps an eye on international developments and research and shares this information

educatieve programma’s met kunst voor kansarmen en mensen die met justitie en strafrecht in aanmerking zijn gekomen.