Krearte Festival

Our Art No Stop partner FES (Fundacion Escuela de solidaridad) organized the Krearte festival in Granada, Spain.

“Art represents an infinite space of expression, relationship and growth, capable of breaking down barriers and giving voice to unfair situations.

For this reason FES gives the world of Art and the Social a platform for dialogue and experimentation that continues to grow and consolidate innovative and effective methodologies for social inclusion.

From 11th till 14th of may, 2023 the fourth edition of the KreArte Social Art Festival took place in Granada, Spain. It is a festival that aims to give visibility to different artistic practices as a tool for social inclusion.

Workshops, shows and an extraordinary parade took place in various spaces in Granada and the province, open to the participation of students, artist, associations, NGOs, social workers and anyone interested.

These photo’s show the Parade on Sunday, May 14th 2023 in Granada.

Source: https://festivalkrearte-com