In the penitentiary system, access to training is of enormous importance both for the quality of life during their stay in institutions and for the possibilities that people can access once their sentence is over. A high percentage of prisoners in the EU have a rather low level of preparation and training and these low qualification levels have important negative effects on the job prospects of prisoners close to release, a condition identified as one of the key factors for relapse. With the explosion of the health emergency and its repercussions access to adequate and quality training have become of vital importance. In fact, issues have emerged that can no longer be postponed: access to the internet and digital education, the preparation of prison staff, the basic digital skills of trainers and learners, are essential tools to guarantee the right to training and therefore to an effective rehabilitation process.The STEP – Supporting distance Training and Education in Prison – project aims to support and enhance the use of digital tools and distance learning in prisons.